Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter work and crafts

 Finished up putting some tile in the field.

 Kayli driving Dawn's little tractor.
 Kayli helped Dawn clean out her chicken pen
and get it ready for winter.

 Kayli and Holli painted sun catchers.

 The girls made gift tags out of paint chip samples.

 Aubri read "Llama Llama Mad at Momma"
to grandpa and Holli.
 Kayli working on a craft.
Then a water pipe under a hydrant broke
in the cold weather.
Work and play.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorations

A nice day to dig out the decorations and decorate outside.
Snowman on his way out.
  A peek inside - "Yes, outside!"
 Getting the penguin inflatables out.
 Blowing up penguins.

 The Penguin Family

 The Christmas Pig
 Holli helping Grandpa put together a deer.

 Aubri working on snowflakes.

 Kayli setting up the spiral tree.

 Working on twigs.

 Rest time.
 Putting up rope lights.

 Up on the house's Dawn.

 All done and time for a walk.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Most people still have their tonsils... Aubri was privileged to join the Tonsillectomy (& Adenoids) Club a couple weeks ago.  Her tonsils were large and she has gotten strep throat quite a bit so our ENT highly recommended it.  Her momma and Grandpa are part of the club too! 

Luckily it was during Thanksgiving break - so she only missed one day of school.  We spent the break at Auntie Dawn & Uncle Doug's so we had a little more space and help. (Nick went to New Orleans for some meetings.)

Her friend from school actually had her tonsils out the day before her, so when they went back to school after Thanksgiving they were able to stay inside and play together. She was limited activity for 2 weeks.  It did take about the whole 2 weeks for her to get her little feisty, sparkle back!  

Pre-surgery... not thrilled. 
A few things I learned during this process... 
  • Aubri is strong, VERY strong.  She fought 2 nurses and me trying to get the mask on her for the anesthesia. 
  • She's a hard stick for needles -- poor girl had 4 (FOUR) needle sticks in her before they found a vein.
  • They pulled her tooth!! She had a wiggly tooth, well it came out!  The nurse handed me a little box and inside was her tooth. 
  • When she said she wanted ice cream at 11pm, 1am, 2am -- of course I will run upstairs and get it for her.  Anything in her body since she wasn't eating.  
Post-Surgery... Relaxing with Grandma trying to get comfortable. 

Flowers & a balloon from her sisters! 

Her FAVORITE present ever!  Her own ice cream maker!! 

This is what she made in school... her laying in bed for Thanksgiving break.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cookie decorating

We all decorated cookies.Grandma and Holli made frosting.
Holli likes to lick the beater.

 Grandpa, Holli and Kayli decorating snowman.

 Kayli and Dawn working on snowmen.
 Aubri and Doug busy putting green frosting on the trees.
 Decorating trees and candy canes.

 More trees to decorate.

 Aubri busy frosting cookies.

 Aubri helping Dawn decorate candy canes.

 Lots of decorated cookies.

 Trees, candy canes and gingerbread boys.
 Trees and snowmen.
Lots of cookies to eat and enjoy.